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High Tech Ride of Your Life, at Ratio Cycling- East Hollywood

High Tech Ride of Your Life, at Ratio Cycling- East Hollywood


The next stage in Indoor Cycling. Track your distance, power output and speed with digital display monitors. Bluetooth 4.0 connects directly to your phone or heart rate monitor with instant feedback. Reach your untapped potential at Ratio This is the ride of your life.

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Business Description/type of business: Boutique Fitness / Indoor Cycling Studio

Address: 1306 N. Wilton Place, Hollywood, CA 90028


Email Address:

Social Media handle: @ratiocycling

Name of offer/Class:  Indoor Cycling

Description of offer/class: Latin, hip-hop, trap, house and your favorite pop.  Ratio Cycling, creates a space to join together in a collective quest for harmony and peak health.  Our cycling program features  state-of-the-art equipment for all fitness levels, targets cardiovascular improvement, physical strength and unleashes your untapped potential for athleticism. Our signature, RATIO RIDE is a 45-min high-intensity workout for all levels of indoor cyclists. Classes focus on endurance, power or fundamentals and hand weights may be incorporated.

Dates and times of offer/Class(es): Saturday, July 14th @10:00am; Sunday, July 15th @9:00am; Monday, July 16th @5pm; Tuesday, July 17th @7:00am; Wednesday, July 18th @5pm; Thursday, July 19th @9:15am; Friday, July 20th @6pm; Saturday, July 21st @9am

# of offers /spaces available: 7

Any special equipment needed: Athletic shoes or cycling shoes (provided on a first-come, first outfitted basis) may be worn. Towels and water provided (bring a bottle for free filtered water or purchase our delicious bottled water).

Additional Info: Participants are encouraged to create an account at before class at and use code WORKOUTWEEK18 at checkout. This step can be completed at the studio but it would save time to do it in advance.